10 on 10 in July – An Epic 2 Day Hike

10 on 10 in July – An Epic 2 Day Hike

We are still home in Switzerland.  And we are still discovering new places.  The 10 on 10 in July actually features the second day of a 2 day hike.  The kids and I decided to escape the stifling heat (95ºF is a bit unusual here) and head to the mountains. This hike was a bit different, since our destination was the Rugghubel Hütte – one of 152 Swiss Alpine Club Huts way up in the mountains.  Some are a bit more “comfortable” than others, and some are certainly on a safer route for kids than others. To say that it was an amazing experience, would be a severe understatement.  The only thing I’d change?  For it to be cooler. Even though the hut was at a respectable altitude of 2290 m, it was still really warm (did I mention there had been a heat wave going on?)

Here are just a few of the many pictures I took on the second day.  We capped it off with a jump in the lake in Ennetbürgen – one of the colder lakes – the Vierwaldstädtersee (Lake Lucerne).

Down there is where we started out the previous day (Engelberg). Though, full disclosure we took the cable car and chair lift up, so that our hike would be cut in half drastically (did I mention how hot it was?).  If you look hard enough you might be able to see our car.

July 03, 2015_3I4B9501I rose early to capture some sunrise images. Sadly, it wasn’t crystal clear, so I had to enjoy the sunrise without freaking out about pictures. Tough life, isn’t it? July 03, 2015_3I4B9508This was where we slept. The Rugghubel Hütte.July 03, 2015_3I4B9520This was the view out the back of the hut.July 03, 2015_3I4B9530-PanoBefore we headed down. July 03, 2015_3I4B9556The SAC FlagJuly 03, 2015_3I4B9560 The SAC hut as we were leaving.July 03, 2015_3I4B9562Can’t beat this view!

July 03, 2015_3I4B9570The flora in the mountains is pretty spectacular. The flowers are so completely different sometimes, and yet, sometimes it’s the same as you’d find in a regular garden.July 03, 2015_3I4B9574

July 03, 2015_3I4B9599You just can’t beat this view!!!July 03, 2015_3I4B9652Our constant companions as we hiked around the area.
July 03, 2015_3I4B9673They got very good at reading the hiking trail markings.  For this hike, they were red and white. (Not orange walking trails, and not high altitude trails (blue and white), but read and white:  pretty strenuous hikes). July 03, 2015_3I4B9592The cable car we took to the car. We cut out the chair lift on the way down.  July 03, 2015_3I4B9713The lake where we cooled off!July 03, 2015_3I4B9724


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  • Allie said:

    Stunning, Dominique! I can imagine being there for years and never tiring of that view.

  • Jodie said:

    Oh wow Dominique! This is stunning! What a fantastic experience and views!

  • Christine said:

    These are completely gorgeous! What a fantastic view, and you captured it beautifully.

  • Renee said:

    Oh my word Dominique - that view is amazing! It's like a post card~