10 on 10: January. New Year. New Project.

10 on 10: January

I’ve been searching for a new project for a while. Something that keeps me inspired. Something that keeps me going.  Something to keep me practicing.

I’ve decided to join a group of talented photographers in doing a 10 on 10.  Taking 10 pictures on any given day during the month and posting them on the 10th of every month. I hope this will light a fire. Keep me going. Add to my skills. And fill that 365 with many fun pictures.

The 2nd day of school started on time – not delayed by 2 hours because of the cold snap that’s hit the entire country. Who could predict that ice in the gutters would turn into the morning’s and afternoon’s amusement?

Before school:


Once the kids are off to school…I can start my day.

10on10January8_0003It’s Friday, so the kids have no homework and head straight out with friends. Playing on the ice. I think we’ve been in Chattanooga just a bit too long…they’ve forgotten all about snow…!  But, after living in a neighborhood with only 3 house for 5 years, it’s so nice to live in a neighborhood with so many kids.

10on10January5_0001 10on10January6_0002

Please follow this link to what Ann’s 10 on 10 is.