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5 Things I’ve Learned Second Shooting Weddings | Chattanooga Wedding Photographer

Last fall, I had the opportunity to second shoot some weddings with Life with a View Studios, a Chattanooga Wedding Photographer. I was not sure what to expect.  Brittany, the owner of Life with a View Studios, and I met beforehand to discuss what my obligations were, which helped settle my nerves a bit. The weddings I shot with her were all beautiful and all were in different locations, which I really enjoyed.

So, here are my 5 things I’ve Learned Second Shooting Weddings:

1.) Wear comfortable shoes.

You’ll be standing all day so you might as well wear shoes that treat your feet well. (This is even more important if you have a broken toe…ask me how I know!)

2.) The weather is unpredictable. Be Prepared!

The first fall wedding was in full sun. The wedding was on the bride’s family’s property not too far from Chattanooga, TN.  The area was absolutely gorgeous, but there weren’t too many clouds in the sky.  The groom wanted some groomsmen images with the hills behind him, so that’s what we did.


And, then, you have weddings where it starts out cloudy and turns sunny in the middle of the ceremony.

FallWedding_SouthPittsburg_Tennessee_2 FallWedding_SouthPittsburg_Tennessee_3

No matter what the weather, the show must go on.  In the cooler months, unless the bride wants pictures with a coat on (which is not very likely), she will be freezing.  The frigid temperatures don’t show in the pictures, and as long as she can handle it, so can you!


3.) The brides are drop dead gorgeous. And the grooms are very handsome.




4.) As a second shooter, you may not get the safe shots…or the easy shots, but it does allow you to be a bit more creative and capture the day with some candids.



BrideandBridesmaidsBouquets5.) Being a wedding photographer is challenging and hard work, but also fun and extremely rewarding.  I’ve enjoyed it so far.  And I’m glad to have worked with Brittany, as well as the beautiful brides and grooms and their families I’ve met so far!


  • These are so lovely! I really love the candid shots. And what a nice insight into what being a second shooter means!

  • a said:

    Comfortable shoes is a must!

  • Justyna said:

    Beautiful work!

  • These are so informative and spot-on!! Love your photos too! :-)

  • Robin said:

    What fun weddings, looks like you are doing a great job!