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I believe in fairy tales. I believe in happy endings.  I believe that Monty Python has some valuable life lessons. I believe that a good cup of coffee can make your day (or, a bad one can ruin one, but I’d rather not think about that).  I believe that you ought to color outside the lines every now and then.

My Philosophy
  • My Philosophy

I make photos for myself. “Likes” are nice and fun. But the photos I love most, are the ones I take while documenting my every day. Those aren’t always exciting. They certainly don’t get the most “likes.” But…those are the ones that mean the most to me.  And as such, those don’t always get posted.

A few years ago, I became bored with the digital medium. I achieved what I wanted.   Timidly at first, but more and more as time went one, I reached for my film SLR that I received as a gift in 2002.

I’m shooting mostly film now. No longer bored.

This is where I am: film photography. Analog? Artsy-fartsy? What was old is new? Whatever. It’s film photography and I’m loving it.  (pictures on this website are a mix of film and digital)

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