I’m a pack rat. Or, rather, actually, a lover of all things acquired. I have a really hard time throwing things out, which is how, about a year ago, I found some old Kodak Gold 200 Film (like, 10 rolls!  Score!!!).  Clearly labeled on the box, the expiration was 2005.  I started researching some things about film and found that film is not dead.  And that shooting with expired film can be a lot of fun.

A photography friend gave me some pointers (thank you, Catherine Rodriguez!) on shooting with expired film. I also found a German photographer, Monika Andrae , who fosters a love of shooting with expired film. I came to her through a photography podcast to which I’ve been binge listening called “The Candid Frame.” (I highly recommend that Podcast. It’s fantastic!)

I also recently acquired a new-to-me Canon AE-1.  Switching back to analogue awakened a long forgotten feeling for me – the images are more deliberate, are more carefully composed, and, of course, the instant gratification is gone. The whole process is much slower. I have found that I linger over the film images  (when taking them, and when the processed film is returned).  There is just something there that I feel is missing in digital images. (But don’t think I’ll give up my dSLR).    That missing “thing,”  whatever it is, is even more prominent in expired film. For me.

ETA: The B&W film was developed by The Darkroom Photo lab.  The color film was developed by Mpix. I sent all three rolls (color and B&W) to Mpix first, not realizing that they didn’t develop B&W film. The Darkroom, while more expensive, does develop more. It includes color and B&W film, slides, 110, 120/220 as well as, but not limited to, single use cameras.

Here are some recent favorites.

An awesome, yet chilly (think brain freeze!) beauty mask. Oh the way we torture ourselves! (Ilford HP5 Plus, ISO 400 and Canon Elan 7)

beauty mask with film photography

A rodent-ly guest we had over fall break. The dog thought it was a snack. The guinea pig thought it was a nice break from the intense learning in the 3rd grader class room. (Ilford HP5 Plus, ISO 400 and Canon Elan 7)

fall break visitor with Ilford and Canon Elan 7

A different way of reading.(Ilford HP5 Plus, ISO 400 and Canon Elan 7)

Reading in the living room - ilford and Canon Elan 7

Spring break: time to catch up on some local movies. Her we went to see the “real live person” version of Beauty and the Beast. We were all thrilled by it. (Kodak Gold 200, Expired 2005, Canon AE-1).

Movie Concessions, Chattanooga, TN - Exprired (2005) Kodak Gold, Canon AE-1

She was getting ready for a nerf gun war with her brother and his friends. If I remember correctly, she held her own. (Ilford HP5 Plus, ISO 400 and Canon Elan 7)

Getting ready for a nerf gun war. Ilford and Canon Elan 7

We all miss the snow. Snow days or snow delays in Tennessee are just a little different than further north.  Snow days here happen without a lot of snow (and sometimes with none!).  And for me (who LOVES snow) that’s cruel. I mean, you have a snow day and then you can’t even go out and play in the snow…because there isn’t any.  That’s how it was this year. (*sigh*) (Ilford HP5 Plus, ISO 400 and Canon Elan 7)

winter scene at the bus stop. Ilford, Canon Elan 7

Tulips are my favorite. And Hydrangeas are a close second. (Ilford HP5 Plus, ISO 400 and Canon Elan 7)

Flower Stil Life with Ilford and Canon Ae-1

One of my images hung in the PhotoPlace Gallery in Middleburry, VT,  18 months ago. Because all the planets in the universe happened to align that week (fall break for the university and the schools, and an easy calendar to clear) we drove north. While we visited my alma mater (Go Cats!) in Burlington, VT, we also went to the Ben and Jerry’s factory in Waterbury, VT.  Of course, now when we go to the Ben & Jerry’s in Chattanooga, we always remember that road trip. (Kodak Gold 200, Expired 2005, Canon AE-1).

Ben & Jerry's ice cream cones - Kodak Gold 200, expired 2005, Canon AE-1

I’m not sure I agree with this. You’re still generating waste. Maybe the best water is from your faucet into a glass, because if that carton is plastic coated, you can’t really recycle it. But I might be wrong. (Kodak Gold 200, Expired 2005, Canon AE-1).

This is his happy face. His shirt says so, if I hadn’t cut off the bottom part of it. (Ilford HP5 Plus, ISO 400 and Canon Elan 7)

His happy face - Ilford and Canon Elan 7

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