Left Behinds – The First Day of School

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Today is the first day of school in our town.

It’s a bit earlier than I’m used to – late August being the more traditional start of school that I’m used to.  While it’s a bit bitter sweet (how did it happen that we have a first and third grader? Where was I when all this was going on?), we’re excited since we are in our own house again.  We can unbox all of our stuff finally – and even finding things that had been missing since California…too many moons ago.  Both kids were able to meet their teachers on Monday which helped tremendously with the first day of school anxiety. One of the teachers even gave us a tour of the building which further helped ease their anxiety.

At the school bus stop, the kids met two of their neighborhood friends and we all waited for the bus.  Everyone has been so helpful and nice with our transition that none seemed too jittery. (The first grade teacher gave us some Jitter Glitter, sprinkled under the pillow the night before, to help with the first day jitters.  And the first grader gladly shared with the third grader.).

Off they went.

After they turned around and went by and waiting to wave to them, I found tell-tale signs of them at home… The left-behinds.

I’m not melancholic. Honest. I’m happy to find the left-behinds for it shows that they were here.  We had fun this summer…the left behinds being mostly their memories and treasures from the summer:

Ian’s swimsuit still on the bathroom floor and his NY Yankees cap that he slept with, among others.

Things left behind on the first day of school |family photographer Chattanooga TN | Dominique Angle Photography

Zoë’s Statue of Liberty Monkey and lemonade stand sign and her half-eaten bowl of cereal.

Things left behind on the first day of school |family photographer Chattanooga TN| Dominique Angle Photography

It’s nice to have things settle down a bit. It’s nice for the kids to be in a neighborhood with lots and lots of kids, all around the same age (or so).  It’s nice to feel like life is no longer on hold.

We attended a new faculty reception last night.  And I found myself saying “You’ll love it here,” just as everyone had told us when we moved here last year, to the new faculty members. And you know what? I totally and completely mean it. No hesitation and no doubt.

Life is good.


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