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Lookout Mountain, TN, Family Photography

In June, right before we moved, I had the opportunity to take some family pictures of one of my son’s classmates. The family consisted of mom and dad, and his younger brother and two younger sisters, ranging from 2 years old to 8 years old (and I felt right at home with these four blonde-headed kids.) I have totally forgotten what it’s like to be around toddlers and/or preschoolers, much less how busy they all are!   But, I had a blast!!!  The kids were so sweet and so well behaved that the time just flew by.

We met in a neighbor’s back yard that had all the things necessary to keep everyone happy for the pictures. The huge swing was definitely a favorite.

Chattanooga Family Photographer's Photosession with Lookout Mountain Family of 6The boys amused themselves on the swing and kept their hands in pockets to await their turn.


The two girls were a delight.  Playing peek-a-boo and hiding behind the bushes definitely kept them smiling and laughing.  But they also stayed close to each other for hugs and support.

Chattanooga Family Photographer's Photosession with Lookout Mountain Family of 6

I was so glad to photograph the family.  Their son is/was a such good friend to my son and we enjoyed walking to and from school with him.  We miss seeing him and his family!

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Thank you, M. Family, for letting me take you pictures!

  • Shanna said:

    These kids are adorable! Great session! <3

  • lindsay said:

    what a great session!! these are perfection.

  • Mary said:

    wow what a stunning family! awesome images!

  • Jessica said:

    What an adorable family!! I love the swing and those smiles...you can feel the joy :) What a wonderful session!

  • Robin said:

    What a beautiful family! They are all smiles!

  • Angela said:

    Such a happy family!

  • Alexis said:

    What an adorable family!!! 2 girls and 2 boys. perfect!!!