Their love of soccer brought them together.

When you meet a couple who love each other and just want to have fun during the photo session, you know it’s going to be a great time!

We met at the Tennessee RiverPark in Chattanooga one evening to take some protraits.  They were the sweetest couple ever and pretty much ready for anything I suggested. Their story reminded me a bit of my own – many moons ago.  He was going to return home shortly after we met since his assignment at VW Chattanooga was over, while she stayed here due to her job at the  company that sponsored her stay here, since she’s originally from Germany. When we met, this international couple wasn’t quite sure how their story was going to continue since their paths crossed due to their jobs.  Through the expat community, she found her way to the soccer fields where many VW employees played, including her beau – and where they met each other. She used to play when she was younger, and never lost her passion for it.

Luckily, when I saw her a few weeks later to deliver the images, their story had a happy ending: he was hired by an automotive supplier a few hours away from Chattanooga which allowed him to be closer.  While the job is not in Chattanooga, it certainly is closer than his previous posting with Volkswagen.

Love of soccer brought this fun photo session with Volkswagen employee in Tennessee River Park

Photosession of a Veronika and Beto who love soccer and have ties to VW.

couple sitting on bench in tennessee riverpark in Chattanooga ,TN.

Photo session where Soccer first brought them toghter

International couple hugging on the banks of TN River

A soccer loving couple holding each other sitting on a bench along the TN River

VW employee photo session in Chattanooga

Soccer brought this loving couple togehter

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