A New Beginning

A New Beginning

As this spring semester comes to an end, and a new wedding season starts up again, I have a confession.  There’s a new beginning on the horizon. I love my job.  I love taking pictures. But these two are not the same. Last August, I started a new position – in title only – at the university.  It means that I am teaching more, and different, classes. Preparing for classes that I’ve never taught is extremely time consuming, which leaves less time for my other love: photography. While I haven’t stopped taking photos (hello, year six of my project 365!), I did stop taking as many clients and actively looking for new ones.

Last Saturday, I photographed my last wedding. It was a bitter sweet day, but the relief at the end of the night was unmistakable. I can now devote more time to my own personal photography projects and more to my classes: guilt free.

One added bonus to teaching new classes is that I get to make them my own. So, while this year’s CHEM 1019 may have been a bit bumpy, next year’s will be “da bomb.”  One night this semester, when I was looking up the mechanism for the reduction of quinones, I inadvertently mis-stepped and slipped down a rabbit hole. The research led me to alternative processes in photography –  a world I knew nothing about.  While I’m still researching and feeling my way around, I guarantee you that next year’s CHEM 1019 course will have some alternative processes in it. How do I know that? This semester’s class was able to test out Cyanotypes and loved it.   I am looking forward to lots of reading this summer and merging two of my passions: chemistry and photography.

“When one door closes another door opens…” – Alexander Graham Bell.

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General information on alternative processes can be found here: Alternative Processes A-Z.

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