No Place like Home: new house, new light

We are finally feeling a little more settled in our new house, having moved the beginning of last month.  It’s strange the things you remember about moving, and the things you don’t. I definitely don’t remember it being this hard trying to dig out of all of our boxes.  Of course, it’s been 7 years since we moved and we had one child less, and it seems 7 children worth of less stuff back then!  Amazing what you can accumulate in such a short time. (The overflowing yarn stash shall not be mentioned). Our new house has beautiful light that I’m still finding and discovering. When we looked at the house, it had just been framed with windows installed already.  Our concern was natural light. Will it be bright? Will it have morning sun? Afternoon sun? What about when it’s winter? Will it feel like a dark cave? Our solution was to add some windows. (Cue “Aquarius” from Hair, specifically “Let the Sun Shine In”).   Now…we have lots of windows, on all sides…we have morning sun streaming in through a kitchen window, afternoon and evening sun in the upstairs rooms and plenty of light coming into the all the rooms. It is most definitely not a dark cave.

boy sitting in East facing light

Boy Sitting in East Facing Window Light


Girl sitting in West Facing Window Light










And then there’s the direct sunlight that streams in from our upper living room windows. It can be blinding, but it can make for some beautiful light when used right.


Girl Sitting in Sunlight

After living in a 100+ year old house for a year, that had beautiful wood paneling and a gorgeous wrap around porch, it felt nice to find a house to make our own. The temporary house that we lived in last year was great, and it served a purpose for which we are grateful, but there’s no place like home.