The Print Swap with Film

Have you heard of “the Print Swap“? No? Then I think you’re missing out on a fun and exciting adventure!  I’ve been spending more and more time on Instagram (digital: @dominiqueangle ; film: @dominique.angle ), as compared to my neglected blog or my FB business page.  Sadly, with Facebook’s ever changing algorithm and their not-so-recent decision to decrease business’s FB page visibility, I found solace in Instagram’s photo feed. (I have no doubt that it will slowly morph into something similar to FB – where images are just not being seen anymore).

While on Instagram, browsing through my feed, I found The Print Swap.  It’s organized by Feature Shoot, an organization started in 2008, which showcases international emerging and established photographers. I’ve been following them for several years, but it wasn’t until I came across the Print Swap when I started paying more attention to the emails I was receiving.

{scene change}

For the past 18+ months, I’ve gone down a new rabbit hole.  I dug out my old film SLR (one that was gifted to me at my defense in grad school) and found some awesomely expired film in one of my camera bags. The film had definitely not been cold stored and was about 14 years past its expiration.  I’ll leave the fun of expired film for a later post.   In any case, film photography is back in the house!

Last fall, through listening to “The Film Photography Project’s Podcast,” I learned that 110mm film cartridges were being produced again, (but) by Lomography.  I have kept all of my still working cameras through the years.  (There was only one that I’ve thrown out, since it was a glorified paperweight, and a terrible one at that.)  I tried ordering the Lomo 110mm from B&H, but they were backordered and I ended up ordering it from the FPP store (film photography project store).  When the 110 Lomo film arrived, I dug out the Bell and Howell Pocketstar and started shooting.

Here’s where The Print Swap comes in:  When I received my scans back from The Darkroom, it was instant love. One of the shots from that first roll of 110mm film was submitted to the Print Swap – and accepted. Here it is:

man alone on a ski life - The Print Swap

The entire idea of the Print Swap is to swap prints. So – today I received my Print Swap print. And I’m just thrilled with the print.  Coincidentally, the artist/photographer was born in Switzerland (like me!) but lives elsewhere now (like me!).  The title of the image is “One Morning in Hackney, London 2017” and is by Sandro Di Fatta, Italy.  One Morning in Hackeny, London.

Folks, it’s a rabbit hole. Beware. Film will suck you in…