Two Kids and NYC Photography

Two kids in New York – Chattanooga Family Photographer

This summer Steve and I decided that it would be the perfect time to take the kids to New York City.  Of course, I had to take pictures of this epic adventure (sadly, Steve couldn’t come due to work obligations). Operation Two Kids and NYC Photography was launched!

My family lives in and around NYC and going through high school in New Jersey, NYC was in our back yard.   We’d take field trips there for plays, French restaurants (part of the French Club) and in the summer my brother and I would stroll around the financial district….just because.

Our kids haven’t spent much time in NYC at all.  That’s really surprising to me, considering I always assumed I’d live in Manhattan.  Funny how things turn out differently from what you think!  It’s probably the Vermont and California influence – I now prefer mountains and hiking trails over skyscrapers and subways; the sound of birds over traffic; and the smell of fresh cut grass over car and truck exhaust.   Don’t get me wrong, I miss NYC. A lot!

So, the kids and I drove 15.5 hours to start our NYC adventure.  We drove through Virginia (the longest state ever!!! Or so it felt!), West Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey before we drove, just like a tourist would, right through midtown Manhattan.  (By the way, there was little traffic at 9:30 pm on a Monday…just in case you feel the need to drive through Manhattan).

First stop was the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island.  I honestly didn’t realize that the statue was open to the crown again, and when I tried getting tickets to the pedestal, I was told there was a 2 week wait!  However, I do recommend getting tickets online for the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island so you don’t have to wait in line (ticket pick-up is at will call).  In any case, it was so hot and humid that we loved going over to Ellis Island and stay in the cool, air conditioned building and didn’t miss going into the Statue of Liberty too much.

Collage of Ellis Island Collage of Ellis Island   We took the following day off and visited the kids’ cousins and their dad (my brother) in Sleepy Hollow/Tarrytown/White Plains.  The pool time and baseball game were a ton of fun and the kids loved hanging out with their cousins. After that down day, we spent two days in the city: visiting the Met where we focused on the Egyptians, Dresses (the Charles James Dress Exhibit) and a photography exhibit (Garry Winogrand exhibit). We also found the rooftop garden with beautiful views of the NYC skyline.  We then headedto FAO Schwarz afterwards (for the floor keyboard in Big)  where we found a lady with a parrot walking in the street (only in NYC!).  We also walked the Highline and found the 9/11 memorial, both of which were firsts for me, too.  While the kids went home with my mother after a day out one of the days, I went to Grand Central and the Subway stations to take some picturesNYC images NYC Images We had a few more fun days with family which included the beach on Long Island Sound, the Maritime Aquarium in Norwalk, tubing on Green Pond and meeting friends  in Poughkeepsie and Maryland.

The drive back was as uneventful as they drive up. We arrived home exhausted from all we saw and did. We had a great time and Steve was happy to have us back!

  • Robin said:

    What a fun adventure you and your kids went on to NYC! I love all your captures too!

  • What a great experience you provided for your kids. I really like your shots, especially the last one in Grand Central. Awesome movement in that one!

  • heather said:

    What a great trip to NYC with your kids! I used to go there all the time, but haven't in quite some years since having kids. I'm hoping to take mine when they're a little bit older.

  • Erin said:

    How cool taking your kids to NYC. What a great experience!

  • Susy said:

    Beautiful images! What a fun trip!

  • Erika said:

    How fun! And these images are gorgeous!

  • What an amazing adventure for you and your kids! The images are sured to be treasured for years to come!

  • judah said:

    looks like you guys had a swell time!! great pic.s too

  • Heidi said:

    Gorgeous!!! Love your composition and all the leading lines!

  • These pictures are amazing! I love all of the different perspectives you've captured!

  • Great shots! So fun to take time to capture our own families. You will treasure these forever!!

  • Megan said:

    These are great! Looks like you had fun in NYC!

  • Melissa said:

    Such beautiful photos! Looks like a fabulous time was had by all!!

  • Angela said:

    what a great looking trip!!!!!! I love NY.

  • Rachel said:

    I love this. I cannot wait to take my daughter to New York City someday.

  • Felicia said:

    What a fun trip and some really great photos! I haven't been to NYC in a long time--especially since getting my camera. I think you've inspired me to take a trip!