A UT Chattanooga Photosession

I’m a bit late blogging this – I think summer got in the way.  Last spring, I had the opportunity to photograph one of my students and her boyfriend. Near the end of the semester, I offered a photo session to my students (with significant others, family, pet or pet cacti), and she took me up on it after the semester ended (and grades were in!). They were wonderful to work with, complete naturals and just really sweet and up for anything!  We decided to meet on campus of UT Chattanooga for the photo session. So, once they arrived, we started walking around and finding all kind of corners to explore. We started in the inside since it was still really bright outside. Couple at UT Chattanooga posing inside We took a few images in and around Patten Chapel, where we maximized the little English garden right outside – Shakespeare Garden.  The chapel and the garden are often used for weddings. Both are beautiful venues for weddings and wedding pictures.

A couple posing in UT Chattanooga's Shapespeare Garden And then we went inside.

Couple Posing in Patten Chapel at UT Chattanooga The sun was in the most perfect spot for this shot. We tried a few others, but this one was clearly the best! When we left Patten Chapel, the sun was lower and we moved to other parts of the campus.   When we finally came to Chamberlain Pavilion, the lights had just been turned on to illuminate the structure.  See, Chamberlain Pavilion is an open space at the university where the old football field stood before it was torn down.  It’s in the middle of campus and used to be the heart of all activity.  There is a new football stadium, so this one wasn’t needed anymore.  It’s a really beautiful open space, reminding the campus of what used to stand there.

Couple posing at UT Chattanooga's Chamberlain Pavilion I think every one had a good time. Though, I think both of their cheeks hurt from smiling so much when we were done.  They were a really sweet and happy couple and I’m very grateful to have been able to take their pictures.

  • Emily S said:

    What a cute session! I absolutely LOVE the one in the chapel! So beautiful!

  • They're so cute! You captured their love and happiness perfectly. <3

  • Cathy F said:

    What a lovely couple! My favorite is the one in front of the Chamberlain Pavilion.

  • Anna said:

    They look so cute together. Wish them future happiness.

  • Haley said:

    Love these! The shot inside the chapel is amazing!

  • Robin said:

    What a fun session, great captures!

  • Rachel said:

    Love the matching shirts. What an adorable couple.

  • heather said:

    beautiful! Love the one in the chapel!

  • What cute pictures. My favorite is the one inside the church. The lighting is amazing.

  • Angela said:

    Ooooo I love the black and white one! great work

  • Megan said:

    They are such a cute couple! Lovely images - the light in the chapel is stunning!

  • Love this session and the glowing light in the chapel is AMAZING!!!

  • Alexis said:

    These are great! What a fun couple!